Hey everyone! My name is Shazeed Mohammed and you probably recognize my face from online skits and videos associated with Riyality Studios or from my anime merchandise shop, The Realm TT.

While acting in these videos and playing popular characters such as Batman or the random Trini, I got the opportunity from Mecca Industries to develop and play Mecca Man, a superhero that strives for safety in a funny and Trini way. On Tiktok, this character slowly brought the account to 1000 followers by using simple and funny content to capture the Trini audience.

While learning the skill of web design, I began building my portfolio by doing websites for people with businesses in my area and also offering a website to my past secondary school, St. Stephen’s College. After graduating and completing 7 years of school, I was pleased to provide a new and updated platform for my school to maintain communication during the pandemic.